Traditional Palakkad Recipes


  1. Molagootal
  2. Molagushiyam
  3. Moru Kootan
  4. Pavakkai Pitlai
  5. Sambar Palakkad Style
  6. Vendakkai Uppadan
  7. Keerai Molagootal
  8. Rasakaalan
  9. Porichakuzhambu
  10. Navarathri Pulinkari
  11. Vanni
  12. Mangai Kootan
  13. Kurruku Kalan
  14. Nendram Pazham Puliserry
  15. Mambazha Pulissery
  16. Milagu Vellam
  17. Podi Podicha Pulinkari
  18. Thenga Aracha Kuzhambu
  19. Vendhaya Keerai Sambar
  20. Varathu Aracha Kuzhambu
  21. Kathirikai Rasavangi
  22. Mathan Erissery
  23. Moru Keerai
  24. Cabbage Molagootal
  25. Kathirikai Karamani Poricha Kuzhambu
  26. Chinna Vengaya Vatha Kuzhambu
  27. Vengaya Sambar
  28. Arachuvitta Vatha Kuzhambu
  29. Muthira Puzhukku and Kanji

Side Dishes – Thoran/Mezhukuperrati/Pachadi

  1. Vazhakkai Chenai Mezhukkuperrati
  2. Keerai Masiyal
  3. Paruppu Thoghayal
  4. Pulikuthi Upperi
  5. Olan
  6. Pulikachal
  7. Arachukalaki
  8. Chembu Puli Curry
  9. Idichkka Thoran
  10. Pavakkai Puli Pachadi
  11. Muthira Puzhukku
  12. Mangai Chammanthi
  13. Pachha Papaya Thoran
  14. Beans Carrot Thoran
  15. Avial
  16. Mathan Pachadi
  17. Karamani Thoran
  18. Beetroot Thoran
  19. Avarakkai Thoran
  20. Maangai Pachadi
  21. Vazhaithandu Thoran
  22. Pumpkin and Sweet Potato Thoran
  23. Orange Peel Pulikachal
  24. Kadachakka Thoran
  25. Vendakkai Thayir Pachadi
  26. Kothavarangai Puruppu Usili
  27. Kootu Curry with Kadala Paruppu
  28. Chena Erissery
  29. Kayatholi Thoran
  30. Karamani Urulaikizhangu Mezhukuperatti
  31. Vazhakkai Podimas
  32. Thiruvadhirai Poduthuval
  33. Chakka Curry
  34. Urulaikizhangu Podimas
  35. Chenai Masiyal
  36. Kathrikai Podi Curry
  37. Vendakkai Puli Pachadi


  1. Upma Kozhakattai
  2. Adai
  3. Verum Arisi Adai
  4. Ammini Kozhakattai
  5. Arisi Upma
  6. Vella Dosai
  7. Ven Pongal
  8. Chakkai Dosai/adai
  9. Nendram Pazha Nurukku
  10. Ela Adai
  11. Broken Wheat Rava Pongal
  12. Idiyappam
  13. Tomato Dosai
  14. Oats Dosai
  15. Rava Idly
  16. Barley Adai
  17. Ragi Dosai
  18. Kanchipuram Idli
  19. Gothumai Rava Upma
  20. Gothumai Rava Upma Kozhakattai
  21. Idly Upma
  22. Milagu Jeeraga Adai
  23. Murunga Elai Verum Arisi Adai
  24. Puli Upma
  25. Oats Adai
  26. Varagu Arisi Dosai
  27. Samai Arisi Kozhukattai
  28. Adai Kozhukattai
  29. Ulundu Vadai/Medhu Vadai

Festival Recipes

  1. Karadayan Nombu Adai
  2. Karadaiyan Nombu Uppu Adai
  3. Kalkandu Saadam
  4. Verukadalai Sundal
  5. Ukkarai
  6. Nei Appam
  7. Thiruvadhira Kali
  8. Microwave Mysore Pak
  9. Chakkara Pongal
  10. Channa Sundal
  11. Rava Kesari
  12. Ellu Kozhukattai
  13. Vella Aval
  14. Ulundu Kozhukattai
  15. Poorna Kozhukattai
  16. Pidi Kozhakattai
  17. Akkaravadisal
  18. Poli
  19. Uppu Cheedai
  20. Vella Cheedai
  21. Payaru Kozhakattai
  22. Vella Puttu
  23. Kadalai Paruppu Sundal
  24. Brown Channa Masala Sundal
  25. Pineapple Kesari



Srini said...

This is an awesome collection of dishes and an awesome site Kaveri.

I have grown up on these dishes...and just love them. Just reading about them is making my tastebuds water right now :-)...Its a really good initiative to keep our dishes alive... I wish you all the very best.

Srini said...

On a different note,...can I share this site with my friends and extended family, so that they can try out some of your recommendations :-)

Unknown said...

Hi Kaveri, thanks a lot for all these recepies. I am also a palakkad Iyer and i have grown up on these dishes.. There are few dishes like uppadan and arachakalki which I did not know how to make and i often call up my mom asking for the measurements and recipes. Thanks a lot for this blog. All the best :D

KBalakrishnan said...

Thanks Kaveri. As a seniorf citizen I miss my good old Palakkadan Iyyer food. Now I can train my Iyyengar wife to change over to Palakkadan Chamayal!

VANAJA said...

I am also a Palakkad iyer.There is no food as tasty as iyer food.The recipes that you have mentioned is MUSIC to my ears and a treat to my TONGUE.Some of the recipes remind me of my MOM and GRANDMA who is no more.THANKS A LOT .KEEP GOING

vidya.k.v said...

i am also palakkad iyer really useful for me, thanks kaveri


Anonymous said...

Thanks Kaveri. i am also palakkad iyer.Some of the recipes remind my mom and patti who is no more. Thanks, KEEP GOING . . .

Anonymous said...

Thanks kaveri...

Jayashree said...

Hi lovely site! Can I request you to add Eriserry recipe too please :)

Aiswarya said...

Vow!!! Really happy to see all recipes in my mom's proportion... Happy that I can come and refer whenever I need.... Long last the world's tastiest palakkad chamayal!!!

Anonymous said...

Kaveri Akka,its awesome....I thank you for ur receipes and what an effort u have put on...I am a Palakkad Iyer and im Pregnant now, so daily my cooking starts with ur blog... It gives me mouth watering heartful v stay Stay alone I have to cook for myself for next 2 mths too... hats off for ur effort...

Anonymous said...

I'm also a Palakkad Iyer. Great work :-) Thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi kaveri....lost my mom many yrs ago...married a manglorean. ..never knew to cook these. ..u r a godsend...every recipe of urs brings bak memories....god bless u

Raj S Iyer said...

Great store of all the forgotten tastes. I value your collection. My wife and I have seriously taken note of your recipes and these days we are restoring our domestic cooking to what it must be. Thanks for keeping our traditions alive.

PS. I didn't see a recipe for puli-kuthi poduthuval. It remains a fine examle of Iyer cooking.

Sheela Narasimhan said...

Very interesting. I remembered my childhood days when my mother would make all these dishes.I would surely like to add some dishes to my daily cooking which I recollected while going through ur blog. Thks mami for the wonderful blog and making cooking enjoyable to all youngsters who abstain from cooking chores.

Parvathi Priya said...

hi the word molakootal, verumarisi adai, pachadi, idichu pizhinja paayasam wow everything flows like music to me. really i appreciate your efforts for our palakkadian receipes.

feltra (Raman R) said...


Have yet to click the different links on this page... But just seeing the list of foods that we grew up with (grandpa places: N.Paravur and Alapuzha).. I let out a contented sigh. Now we can try out every single recipe. Thanks a lot for all the effort.

Am able to write w/o seeing the recipes because I have already seen the Elai Adai recipe - just authentic - and the photos of that look EXACTLY like my Mom makes..

Thanks & Regards,
Raman R

Anonymous said...

Can I get the recipe for preparing vathal kolamb

Anonymous said...

Great work. Really helpful.



Sarika said...

HI, your's is a lovely blog and I am glad I stumbled upon it! I am a Maharashtrian married to a Palakkad Nair. Your blog is a great help. Thanks and keep adding yummy dishes!!!:)

Archana said...

Hi Kaveri! Thank you so much for starting WEBSITE LIKE THIS! THIS IS SO AWESOME. In today's day and age, where people are more into trying out western or north Indian dishes and not caring much for a traditional sambhar, there are awesome people like you who want their next generation to know what kind of treasurable recipes our traditional cooking involves! Thnk you so much for posting these wonderful recipes!

I also have to tell you that I tried your spicy vazhakai curry, ven pongal and semiya payasam- they turned out so well. And today, I am trying the upma kozhakatai out! look forward to eating it soon!

Archana said...

Hi Kaveri!

Thank you so much for creating this website. In today's day and age where our traditional cooking seems o be dying, especially with younger people like us, your website is an inspiration to keep up that cooking and let our next generation know what wonderful recipes our traditional cooking has.

I tried out your venpongal, spicy vazhakai curry and semiya payasam recipes so far and they turned out very well. Thank you so much once again!

Mathangi said...

Your blog is really really awesome!
Thank you so much for your efforts!
Being a palakkad iyer, I literally grew up on these dishes and I absolutely love them. you blog may be very helpful for me to learn to cook all of these :)
Thank you again!
keep them coming!

Anonymous said...

How to make thanni kozhakattai/Puzhungal arisi kozhhakattai

Saptharishi said...

Wow a geat list of Dishes, I am lucky that I had tasted many of these, Still get a chance to taste if I visit for Theru and Kumbhabishekams, Please add Rasa Kaalan and Kaarakaris ( Cheppankizhangu, Urulakizhangu etc )

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the lovely recipes. I am a novice and this site is my saviour. However the recipe for traditional Sambar is missing. Can you please post this? Thanks in advance.

Bindu Rajeev said...

Thank you for the awesome recipes.
Hare Krishna

Anonymous said...

Where are the non-veg specialities of Palakkad? said...

I like your recipes,diff., traditional recipes intresting i want to try one by one ty for posting

Anonymous said...

Hi kaveri..excellent.. work
I am a tanjore based iyer married to palakkad..I am very glad to make my family happy with your awesome.. receipes.

Anonymous said...

Hi kaveri thanks for the excellent.. work

Unknown said...

Hi....first of all let congratulate your wonderful job. ..I was looking for the recipe of puzhukku. ..but couldn't locate in yours...I will be great ful if you help me...thanks..

Kaveri Venkatesh said...

@Divya Harish
Hi Divya,
Here is the link for puzhukku

Anonymous said...

This is first time visiting your blog and I am impressed by just looking at the traditional Palakkad recipes, nostalgic, remembering mother's delicious cooking..Yet to try one of these

Unknown said...

how to make ishttu

Anonymous said...

a good place to look for nostalgic taste bud reminiscing the yesteryears food servings by parents. Will you try for porulangai laddu made from sabut moong dal etc. murthi

Priya said...

Love this site, awesome recipes..I have tried arachu vitta sambar many times but with your proportions and recipe it turned out very well. I also have tried the Pavarkai Pidlai and Kathrikai podi curry so far and it tastes yummy. Thanks Kaveri, truly appreciate your blog

Divya said...

Awesome recipes. Thank u so much. Appreciate this gud blog☺

vijaya said...

Hi I have grown with all these receipes i love them so much that my mouth starts watering the moment i read them thanks a heaven for creating this blog all the best

Unknown said...

can you post moru kachiathu

Unknown said...


Very congratulation for this site. It is very useful for younger generation and especially those young couples ;) (as they do not required to eat their mom's head when an occasion comes).

you have done a great job, keep going

Narayanan said...

Good dishes.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Akka for these recipes. I am a Mumbaikar Palakkad Iyer (go figure!). I love food and I can cook almost any veg cuisine except Palakkad Iyers (sad, I know). Your site has inspired me to try some traditional dishes out...gonna start with my favourite Puliodarai :)

High Flyers.... Arthi said...

Hello amazing recipe.. Just a suggestion do write recipe for pulikutinauppery that's amazing with moolagutal

Unknown said...

I don't need any cookery book to learn the Palakkad recipes. You are there as my guide. Then why worry about anything? Myself from Palakkad but brought up in Chennai. So I need someone like you. Thank you so much! Happy Onam.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting together wonderful recipes. Hey do you also have non-veg recipes?

Bhanu Parameswaran said...

Hi! awesome collections waiting to prepare after my mothers demis,thanks for this collection will be doubly happy if i can read the receipe of these chamayals as my husband loves it.
really awesome % thanks please help me how to reach for preparation site bca when when clicked it says sorry

ganapathi coimbatore said...

can you get us the recipe of puliaktthi uppery made out a mixture of selected vegetables and chena elai choortti pottadhu

Unknown said...


Raji said...

Have you brought out a book with Palakad chamayal recipes?

Unknown said...

Excellent Palakkadan Menu. πŸ‘πŸ‘

Sourcing Production and Supply said...

Very good list. But my mother's Vathakuzhambu is missing :(

It was always a must for the day after a Sadya chamayal. Especially with Paruppu thogayal. Yum..

Sivadas said...

Very useful for the day to day use. Thanks a lot for the same. Various Palak aram., muruku,mixture & sweet items etc. Hats off to the above.

Unknown said...

Really amazing stuff we iyers enjoy. We are fortyfort to have been born in Iyer clad.

Sree Vinayaka said...

Excellent collection. Thanks for reminding the past glory days of the varities from our home kitchen compared to a shrunk menu these days. Only one qn.. is badam kheer and carrot payasam from original palakkad kitchen menu? I tasted them only after coming out of Kerala. Hence asking. I guess they are migrants to Palakkad home kitchens.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Could you please share 1 time measure Sambhar powDer. Thank you

Unknown said...

Hi... Love the fact that this website helps me refer whenever I need to make something... Thank you.

Kavya said...

Always nice to see a fellow Palakkad Iyer! In your "Palakkad Cuisine" intro page, please add molagootal to the list of typical Palakkad dishes.

Anonymous said...

Superb ,very informative and useful compilation . Thanks.

Unknown said...

You have really brought out an exhaustive variety of palakkadan recipes.i an excited and looking forward to try all of them.

Unknown said...

Great list and really traditional. But I need the recipe, can I get it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this.
I am a student studying quite far away from home and I don't know any Brahmin families around where I stay either.
I sometimes really miss home food especially the Palakkad special delicacies. It's difficult to ask my mom every time I cook due to the time difference so I refer to your recipes and they taste the same as what my mom would make.
Thank you for posting these recipes they are very straight forward to follow

Unknown said...

Great collection of Palakkad items. Thank you for sharing. This is very useful for new generation.

Unknown said...

I am also palakkad Iyer.Thank you very much for the tasty dishes.

Unknown said...

I am also palakkad Iyer. Thanks for the delicious recipes.

Unknown said...

These r traditional dishes from Palakkad and r not found anywhere else.
Each dish is unique and tastier than others which makes it unique. Always anywhere and everywhere , their method of preparation and taste is what makes it distinct. I for one always love it.

Unknown said...

Thanks for spreading That unique Brand Palaghat Chamayal items so well. Items like Mahani pickles and ishtu also deserve entry. Super effort keep going.

Anonymous said...

very good !

L. SHIVARAM said...

Super collection of dishes, specific to kerala brahmins, mouth watering, healthy and traditional.

Anonymous said...

Billion thanks and May God Bless you..!!

Indira said...

I was missing a lot of my Palakkadan recipes...Thanks a lot for sharing them..

Unknown said...

I am from Tattamangalam (Palakkad dist). I was so happy to receive this blog from a friend. I was just looking for a site like this. I really appreciate and thank you for putting together various Palakkadan items in different compartments and explaining the recepies elaborately.
Once again thanking you and am looking forward to try these recepies one by one.

Unknown said...

Hey Kaveri, how can I contact you? I'm also a tamil brahmin and am really impressed by your works and knowledge

Unknown said...

Thanks for posting these wonderful recipes said...

Great work of compilation.Refreshing, some correcting and many experienced with grand ma and Mother , some from grandfather also
Useful, storable presentation.

Anonymous said...

Please add on how to make vettal - vadam, godumbai vadam etc

Anonymous said...

A good reminder.

Anonymous said...

Good initiative for coming generations.tks.

Anonymous said...

Well compiled blog of Kerala Iyer dishes - myself Sr citizen mumbaikar had tasted almost these recipes homemade by my mom ( late) - Kudos to U - as it's handy for current house chefs ( to try when free! )

Anonymous said...

Very good blog and well compiled covering A to Z Palghat dishes

Anonymous said...

Well compiled recipes of Palakkad Iyres - kudos to you - handy for home makers.

Anonymous said...

Very nice, how to get connected.

Anonymous said...

It's 2022 - i just realised these posts are more than 10 years old! Started trying out some of these recipes - they take me back in time. Just the names of these dishes remind me of my mom's and grandmoms cooking. Thank you so much for capturing these recipes! Lots of love to you!

Benny Thomas said...

Thanks for the lovely recipe.
Will try once
Adding Cardamom is super. The final look gets more attractive with cardamom.
kerala spices online

Anonymous said...

Can you provide me the recipe for "paccha moru kuzhambu"?

Tilak said...

Olease try to include Chakakottai recipies . Olan and mezukkuvatati

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your efforts in preserving our unique cuisine! My dear Mother (now deceased) hailed from Puthucode village and used to make all these dishes. As a young boy, I would assist her in cooking and now using your recipes I cook several of these dishes, thereby re-living those precious memories with her and enjoying the delicious dishes at the same time. God bless you, and please continue your good workπŸ™

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