Palakkad Cuisine

Palakkad Brahmins are Tamil Brahmins who settled down in Palakkad district of Kerala. They migrated mainly from the Tanjore district of Tamil Nadu. From Palghat they migrated to other parts of Kerala like Trissur, Ernakulam, and Trivandrum and came to be known in general as Kerala Iyers or Kerala Brahmins. The mother tongue of Kerala Brahmins is Tamil but the dialect is heavily influenced by Malayalam vocabulary.

Over the years we have built up our own individual culture and established and an identity of our own. Palghat cuisine is basically vegetarian.  It makes extensive use of dals, and coconut. The cooking method is usually steam cooking with minimal use of oil and hence quite healthy.
A regular lunch at a Kerala brahmin’s house would consist of steamed white rice, a Kootan (a gravy curry), a curry like poduthuval, mezhukuverati, or kootu, Rasam, papadam, and curds with pickles.

On special occasions the lunch also referred to as a saddi would include payasamspachadis, and more number of curries.
Traditionally the lunch is served on a plantain leaf.

Through this site I would like to keep all our traditional recipes alive.

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