Recipe Index

Soups and Salads

  1. Carrot Coriander Soup
  2. Pumpkin Apple Soup
  3. Mixed Vegetable Soup
  4. Gingered Carrot Almond Soup
  5. Sprouted Moong and Corn Salad
  6. Fresh Pea Salad
  7. Summer Fruit Salad
  8. Roasted Sweet Potato Salad

Indian Bread - Rotis and Parathas

  1. Barley Gramflour Paratha
  2. Paneer Parathas
  3. Moong Dal Paratha
  4. Mooli Paratha
  5. Cabbage Paratha
  6. Green Peas Paratha
  7. Methi Thepla
  8. Aloo Methi Paneer Paratha

North Indian Gravies

  1. Palak Paneer
  2. Sabz Hara Masala
  3. Corn Capsicum Paneer Masala
  4. Palak Babycorn Masala
  5. Matar Paneer in White Gravy
  6. Mushroom Matar Masala
  7. Badami Peas Masala
  8. Channa Tondak
  9. Green Moong with Dates
  10. Sri Lankan Coconut Dal
  11. Sprouted Moong Kadhi
  12. Capsicum Zunka
  13. Methi Malai Matar
  14. Matar Paneer
  15. Baghara Baingan
  16. Paneer Gulshan
  17. Bhindi Do Pyaaza
  18. Special Chole
  19. Dal Lucknowi
  20. Dal Palak
  21. Tangy Beetroot Subji/Curry
  22. Baingan Ka Bhartha
  23. Vegetable Kolhapuri
  24. Dum Aloo
  25. Aloo Gobhi
  26. Babycorn Capsicum Masala
  27. Corn Palak
  28. Beetroot Subji

Other South Indian Side Dishes

  1. Chettinad Urulai Roast
  2. Mixed Veg Sagu
  3. Podalangai Poricha Kootu
  4. Mixed Vegetable Kurma
  5. Chow Chow Pala Pindi Miriyam
  6. Spicy Vazhakkai Curry
  7. Mango Dal
  8. Kadala Curry
  9. Kothavarangai Paruppu Usili
  10. Pachha Thakkali Kootu
  11. Cabbage Paruppu Usili

Rice Varieties

  1. Thayir Saadam/Curd Rice
  2. Carrot Rice
  3. Pudina Rice
  4. Spinach and Sweet Corn Pulao
  5. Methi Paneer Pulao
  6. Garlic Mushroom Rice
  7. Green Moong and Mixed Veggie Pulao
  8. Lemon Rice
  9. Raw Mango Rice
  10. Tomato Rice
  11. Vegetable Rice in Coconut Milk
  12. Beetroot Pulao
  13. Tawa Pulao
  14. Ellu Saadam/Sesame Rice


  1. Peanut Chutney
  2. Thengai Podi
  3. Ellu Podi/Kanu Podi
  4. Paruppu Podi
  5. Coriander Tomato Chutney
  6. Roasted Red Bell Pepper Dip


  1. Carrot Tomato Cooler
  2. Aam Ka Panna
  3. Mixed Fruit Milkshake
  4. Watermelon Lassi
  5. Apple Smoothie
  6. Strawberry Milkshake
  7. Spiced Hot Chocolate
  8. Oats, Dates and Almonds Milkshake
  9. Spiced Buttermilk/Sambharam
  10. Strawberry Watermelon Smoothie
  11. Pineapple Ginger Cooler
  12. Carrot Raisin Milkshake
  13. Watermelon Lemonade
  14. Banana Date Milkshake
  15. Grapes Orange Juice
  16. Cucumber Mint Cooler
  17. Mango Coconut Milk Smoothie
  18. Raspberry Peach Iced Tea

  1. Godhuma Rava Kesari
  2. Bengali Rasagolla
  3. Homemade Chocolates
  4. Barley Coconut Milk Payasam
  5. Cashew Coconut Burfi
  6. Rava Kesari
  7. Til Ke Laddoo
  8. Carrot Halwa
  9. Lauki Ka Kheer
  10. Chocolate Truffles
  11. Microwave Mysore Pak
  12. Fruit Salad in Mango Sauce
  13. Gulab Jamun
  14. Seven Cup Cake
  15. Maa Laddoo
  16. Eggless Mango Cheesecake
  17. Vanilla Pannacotta with Pomegranate Gelee
  18. Chakka Varatti

  1. Paav Bhaaji
  2. Pori Upma
  3. Bread Upma
  4. Soya Rajma Tikkis
  5. Cheesy Corn Capsicum Sandwich
  6. Dahi Kebabs
  7. Moong Sandwiches
  8. Microwave Chivda
  9. Gobi Manchurian
  10. Aloo Channa Chaat
  11. Chocolate Biscuit Logs
  12. Vegetable Cutlets
  13. Sweet Corn Tikkis
  14. Spinach and Corn Sandwiches
  15. Steamed Corn Crescents
  16. Minty Paneer Sandwiches
  17. Baked Nippattu
  18. Shikampuri Kebabs
  19. Canape
  20. Paneer Capsicum Sandwiches
  21. Kande Pohe
  22. Khaman Dhokla
  23. Cornflakes Mixture
  24. Omapodi
Eggless Bakes



hi kaveri

i made puli kuthi upperi yesterday and enjoyed every bit of it after a gap of 34 years.
i miss my mom who used to make it very tasty.

Anitha Rajesh said...

Hi Kaveri,

I made Sakkarai pongal and it came out so well.. thank you so much for the receipe.
your blog is amazing.

Kaveri Venkatesh said...

Thanks for trying giving me the feedback Anitha.

Sabari said...

Kaveri, I made Rava Idli yesterday and it came out so well. Keep going

Unknown said...

Hello.......where are my favourite payasam recipes ? There are so many types. A very important south Indian dish :(

kristheiyer said...

Great recipes... I loved cooking some of them. Amma pakkaththile vandaachu ... thanks a ton

Arun Vishwanath said...

Hi Kaveri,

I am staying in states from 2.5 yrs and miss home food especially molagootal and rasam with rice.But now with the help of your blog I make everything in a proper and easy way.The food tastes perfect & I just love the way its put up in the blog.

Vidya said...

Hi Kaveri,

Thanks for ur wonderful recipes.I have tried Dhokla,carrot rice,pudina rice etc and it has come out very well.
Would be grateful if u could post the recipe for Badusha.

Thanks & Regards,

ramakrishnan r said...

Hi Kaveri

I want thanni koozhukattai recipie please...

Unknown said...

Please share the recipe for kadala parippu payasam.

visalykumar said...

Hi Kaveri. Nice blog. Trying some of ur recipes. Coming out good. Keep it up.Proud to have u my friend.

Krishnaji Aiyer said...

Hi Kaveri,
Great and fabulous is your collection. How about receipe for making Cheedais - Both uppu cheedai and vella cheedai ? Thanx in advance,

Krishnaji Aiyer

Anonymous said... elaborately explain how to make soft chappathi..

Unknown said...

Hi kaveri.
Great collection. Tried theeyal. came out well thanks a ton

Unknown said...

Hi Kaveri.
Fully in love with your collection. Tried theeyal. turned out good. tq

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