Sadya Recipes

Sadya Menu


  1. Vendakkai Thayir Pachadi
  2. Thakkali Thayir Pachadi
  3. Mathan Pachadi
  4. Vendakkai Puli
  5. Mangai Pachadi
  6. Pineapple Pachadi
  7. Beetroot Kichadi
  8. Mambazha Pachadi


  1. Idichakka Thoran
  2. Kadachakka Thoran
  3. Beans Carrot Thoran
  4. Beetroot Thoran
  5. Avarakkai Thoran

Kurruku Kaalan


  1. Elavan Chenai Kootu Curry
  2. Chow Chow Kadala Paruppu Kootu
  3. Chakka Curry


  1. Chena Erissery
  2. Mathan Erissery


  1. Sambar Palakkad Style
  2. Navarathri Pulinkari
  3. Rasakalan
  4. Moru Kootan
  5. Pineapple Pulissery
  6. Nedram Pazham Pulissery
  7. Mambazha Pulissery


  1. Tomato Rasam
  2. Pineapple Rasam
  3. Mysore Rasam
  4. Tomato Lemon Rasam


  1. Puli Inji
  2. Mangai Curry


  1. Paal Payasam
  2. Palada Pradhaman
  3. Idichhu Pizhinja Payasam
  4. Nendram Pazha Payasam
  5. Semiya Payasam
  6. Thengai Payasam
  7. Paruppu Payasam
  8. Chakka Pradhaman


Anonymous said...

Can some one post the recipe for "Payattankanji" or "Payattam Paruppu Payasam"? Thank you

Pankajam Balasundaram said...

Can you give one pulia kuttina
upperi recipe,please.

Hari said...

Great Recepies. Brings back childhood memories. BTW, My Mom was from Puthucode. Goingf to try your Navarathri Pulankari and see if Dad can recognize it.

Keep it going.

Anonymous said...

Any chance of getting the recipe for Sambhara puli which is different from kothamalli podi.

raju said...

I chanced upon your blog. A very good collection of recipes useful to young brides and bachelors. I request you to add one heading as "Palakkad iyers' traditions" in your site and give details of the customs and our practices as they are slowly getting forgotten. I want the younger generations to continue the Palakkad style for years to come.

Anonymous said...

I was born into a Palakkad Iyer family but grew up in North India. Unfortunately I did not bother to learn the traditional recipes from my your blog is a great please to browse & a go to place when I start cooking more traditional recipes. Great Work!!

Unknown said...

Great job

kssnathan said...

We want to taste all items. Water oozing out from tongue.


Thank you for sharing

Amooty Valluvanad said...

Excellent recipes , however missing my hometown sambhar recipe , please repost

Anonymous said...

It will be useful if the recipes are given for these items in detail. Non malayalis can prepare these items on Onam and celebrate Onam

TheUnknown said...

Thanks or doing a wonderful job of documenting our Palakkad recipes. I was looking for a particular recipe of kalathu podi (dry chutney powder) which my mom used to make with kollu and sesame. The unique taste is still in my memory. Thanks, Vasanty

Anonymous said...


Sita Parameswaran said...

Thank you for the Thiruvathirai Kali recipe. I was visiting India this January 2017 and was alone in my brother's house during Thiruvathirai. Looked up your Web site and made the Kali. It turned out great.

Unknown said...

I was born into a palakkad Iyer family, was raised in North & East India. I did not learn any palkkad recipes from my mom. Now that I have settled in the US, your blog is my source for traditional recipes that I crave. Thank you so much.

Unknown said...

Thank you for your time and efforts to preserve & share traditional Palakkad Iyer recipes. Though born into a Palakkad Iyer household, I was raised in North India. While I enjoyed cooking, I never learned traditional recipes from my mom. Now that I've moved out of India, your blog is my source for traditional Palakkad cooking.

Unknown said...

Please put recripes of murukku , muthusaram etc used to make for wedding cheeru

Unknown said...

Can you post the theratti pal recipe...

chitra said...

I'm loving every bit of your blog posts Kaveri. Great job and I cannot just get over with reading them. Will try some of them sooner.

Unknown said...

..thanks for this amazing blog .very useful.i refer to it all the time..

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