Monday, November 14, 2011

Sprouted Moong Kadhi

Kadhi is a popular North Indian gravy generally prepared using chickpea flour and yogurt.  It is served with fried chickpea flour dumplings called pakodas. It is also very common in the western parts of India like Gujarat and Rajasthan. The Gujarthi and Rajasthani kadhi is slightly runny and is on the slightly sweeter side.
Kadhi chawal (rice) is one of the famous combinations. It is something that is enjoyed in the comfort of homes and is generally not available in restaurants. Though few small eateries may serve.

My first taste of this simple comfort food was at my aunt’s house, who lives in Gujarat. So obviously I got to taste the Gujarathi version. I simply loved it and ever since have had it at various other occasions. I always wanted to prepare it myself at home, but never got around making it. Then, with days flying by, and other things and newer recipes taking precedence, kadhi faded out, but was there somewhere at the back of my mind.

The other day, when I was flipping through my favorite Chef Sanjeev Kapoor’s cookbook, I found this recipe there and wanted to try it out immediately. The result was a smooth, creamy and yummy gravy; nutritious too, due to the addition of moong sprouts rather than the pakodis. Now let’s check out the recipe.

What you’ll need

1.       Moong Sprouts – 1 cup
2.       Besan/Chickpea flour – ¼ cup
3.       Slightly sour curds – 1 cup
4.       Ginger – 1 Inch piece
5.       Green Chilly – 1 slit
6.       Jaggery – 1 tblsp
7.       Turmeric Powder – a pinch
8.       Salt to taste

For Tempering

1.       Mustard Seeds – ½  tsp
2.       Cumin Seeds – 1 tsp
3.       Fenugreek Seeds – ½ tsp
4.       Hing – a pinch
5.       Dried Red chilly – 1 broken
6.       Curry Leaves – few


Cook the Moong sprouts in enough water for about 5 to 8 minutes. Strain and keep aside.

In a mixing bowl, whisk together, besan with the curds thouroghly without forming any lumps. To this add 2 cups of water and mix well. Add finely chopped ginger, slit green chilly and jaggery into this. Also add a pinch of turmeric and salt to taste. Mix well.

Heat a Kadai, and pour this mixutre into it and cook on medium flame, stirring continuously, till mixture thickens.

Now add the cooked moong and cook for another 3 to 4 minutes.

Heat oil in a small frying pan, add, mustard seeds, cumin seeds, fenugreek seeds, curry leaves and hing. When seeds begin to change color add the broken red chilly. Add this to the kadhi.

Sever hot with white rice or roti.

Linking this to CWS - Moong Beans hosted by Priya.

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Faseela said...

An inviting yummy

Pari Vasisht said...

Very healthy kadhi with proteins added to it.



Nandinis food said...

I love kadhi! Like the addition of moong sprouts...Healthy and nutritious!

Indian Khana said...

Nice recipe and love the idea ...yum

Suja Manoj said...

Congrats dear,wish you many many more..thanks so much for sharing with sweet of you.
Kadhi looks so delicious..healthy and delicious

Raksha said...

Wow, the recipe is superb. I shud try this soon :)

Unknown said...

Nice writeup. I love traditional kadhi and like this version too. Yummyyy

Sensible Vegetarian said...

Lovely kadhi Kaveri, looks superb. Congrats on you awards Dear.

Julie said...

Yummy delicious kadi..lovely combo with rice!!
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Aarthi said...

YUMMO..This looks awesome..You have made perfectly dear..

Do visit my blog too

Lavanya Selvaraj said...

Very healthy and delicious looking dish.

My Recent Post: More Kuzhambu with Cucumber

Priya Suresh said...

Wow never thought of making kadhi with sprouts, simply inviting and nutritious,thanks for sending Kaveri..

Unknown said...

very healthy and new.....

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Sangeetha M said...

Nice Write up dear...this recipe is new to me n sounds healthy n yummy...looks more inviting
Thank you so much for thisaward...I m so happy to receive such deary blog award from you :-)

Sobha Shyam said...

delicious and healthy kadhi..

Vineetha Sush said...

New to me,a healthy one too.

Neha said...

Nice and healthy recipe..

divya said...

looks delicious... fabulous recipe..

Pushpa said...

Nutritious and delicious kadhi,addition of sprouts makes it even more healthier,congrats and thanks for the award Kaveri.

Puja said...

Love all the tadka on top n that platter in the last pic :)

Swathi said...

Sprouted moong kadhi looks perfect

Vidhya said...

Thank you for the award,I feel so very honored.Kadhi looks so very yummy a perfect match with rice.

Unknown said...

wow very healthy and comfort recipe,luks delicious...

Unknown said...

Very healthy and nutritious kadhi.

Gayathri NG said...

Authentic and healthy dish...

Padhu Sankar said...

I am sure adding sprouted moong would have made it even more delicious!

anthony stemke said...

Lovely post, a beautiful recipe; I love sprouts to begin with.

Unknown said...

Why no recipes these days

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