Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Coconut Milk Burfi - Easy Diwali Sweets/ Easy Diwali Recipes

Here is another simple and easy sweet recipe. While I was talking to my mother the other day, asking her to give me some easy recipes to try out for Diwali. She started suggesting, badhusha, badam halwa, Mysore Pak. These were some of the sweets which my mother makes expertly and learnt it from my grandfather. But I was really not in mood to try out these sweets and asked to suggest some easy burfi/cake. She went through her book and found this one. She assured me that I couldn’t go wrong with it. So I decided to try it out.

As soon as I added all ingredients and started heating up, everything became liquid as expected. It did require quite a bit of stirring but finally the result was very good. I was very worried if it would turn out well. All the while I was stirring I was chatting with S and with S’s assurance, and encouragement the sweet did turn out well. Thanks S for being there all the while.

I halved the recipe and got about 20 pieces.

What you’ll need
  1. Milk – 4 cup
  2. Fresh Scraped Coconut – 2 cup
  3. Sugar – 3 cup
  4. Ghee – 1 cup

  1. Grease a tray and a flat bottomed cup (davara).
  2. Add all the ingredients in a heavy bottomed Kadai.
  3. Keep on medium heat and stir once in a while.
  4. Once it starts getting slightly thick, then lower heat and stir continuously.
  5. First you will see bubbles on the sides, keep stirring.
  6. Next the mixture will slowly start leaving the sides.
  7. And finally, the whole thing will come together, getting frothy.
  8. Pour immediately in a greased tray and flatten/smoothen with the greased cup.
  9. Allow to cool for couple of minutes and then with a greased knife mark the pieces.

Cool completely and remove the pieces. Store in a cool dry container.

  1. You could add some cardamom powder for flavour if you like, but I prefer the ghee smell so did not add.
  2. Even if you miss the stage and the mixture turns crumbly, add some more milk and stir for a couple of minutes and pour into the greased tray.
  3. If you remove earlier then put it back in the kadai and stir for some more time. Stir until it turns frothy.


Veena Theagarajan said...

Burfi looks so yum! nice combo

Rafeeda AR said...

Less ingredients... but definitely takes some time, looks really good...

Julie said...

looks a delicious combo,yumm for Diwali..Happy Diwali in advance,Kaveri :)

katty said...

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Ajay Kumar said...

Thank you for posting this Very interesting article.It was very beneficial for me.Keep sharing such ideas in the future as well.
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